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Persian Music Basics

The art of the melody- Radif

a Theoretical-practical course that teaches the art of developing the melody, by acquaintance to the Modal system of the Eastern classical, modern and ancient music. The purpose of the class is to grant musicians a profound understanding of the Eastern traditions, which are mostly based on the same modal system. This system was consolidated for thousands of years in the east, and was used as a base to western musical as well.

The Radif is a system which describes the progress of the melody in the frame of the Maquam. Systemically only two Radifs were listed- The Persian and the Azarian. knowing the radif allows introduction with small nuances in the eastern musical traditions, and permits understanding of the emotional system behind these traditions; each maquam has a specific character and color, a time of the day that is relevant for playing it, season and zodiac sign, and also a definition as “male” or “female”. One can also learn from the radif ways of improvisation and modal composition.

This unique course can tribute many to the development of every musician, whether comes from an eastern or western background.

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