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Persian Music Ensemble

In the eastern classical traditional music there is a connection between the music scales and the world of nature, spirit, time and Mental statuse. in the course with Piris we will learn and experience a circle of 12 main scales (Maqams) through playing the repertoire of classical Persian music. This repertoire, names "Radif", constitutes a theoretical base to the entire musical cultures of the east areas: Persia, Turkey, central Asia, Kavkaz, north africa and the Arab world. We will learn and play works by composers from this areas, as well as modern compositions by Piris Eliyahu.

in the past 20 years Piris deals with bringing elements of the classical eastern music to a new formation characterized by a fascinating combination between classical eastern tradition and simplified musical thinking, wich is recognised with the modern western music. From this two cultures Piris creates a unique synthesis, a new musical genre that is on the border between classical music, world music, jazz and artistic modern music. The workshop is open to players and singers from all types of musical tradition, and allows playing all types of instruments, from the east and the west.



Thursdays - 10:00-12:00

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