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בית הספר למוזיקה ושקט



מי אנחנו? בית הספר למוזיקה ושקט

Our Story


“The school for music and silence” was established by a group of male and female musician friends in Jerusalem in 2015. The mission statement and vision guiding the school is to provide practical collaborative music studies for active musicians, at the highest level and by the best teachers.


We wanted to build a framework which focuses on the abilities, creativity, and personal style of each and every student, and also take into consideration the students’ schedule outside their studies. With that in mind, instead of a predetermined timetable, the school offers a variety of practical lessons, where the student can choose the classes and ensembles to which she or he connects with best. We are closely familiar with the ambition to spend hours of working on our instrument, rehearsing and composing, so we chose to reconstruct and refine group studies into a more effective, practical lesson, in which the main goal is simple - playing music together.


“The school for musicavesheket” showcases a mixture of different musical styles from all over the world, and in recent years our students enjoyed were taught by leading teachers from diverse music worlds, such as Indian, Andalouse, Jazz, and Classic Western music. In the upcoming school year we will be further expanding the curriculum, giving our students the opportunity to touch and explore on even more musical genres.


In the course of the year there will be no tests and no grades shall be given. Instead, the emphasis will be put on the work and seriousness of the each ensemble as a whole, in the pursuit of putting together performing music groups. We believe this is a fun and constructive methodology which enables growth and development as an artist in general, and as musicians in particular.

The school is located at the “Alliance House”, right at the center of Jerusalem.

The building, founded in 1880, was abandoned for the last fifteen years, now comes alive again as a home to dancers, painters, photographers, writers and all artists, whoever they are. The “Alliance House” is a place for fruitful, inventive, and original meetings and collaborations between different arts and diverse artists - the young and aspiring as well as established veterans - all there to exchange their artistic views and styles.

המורים - בית הספר למוזיקה ושקט


סגל המורים, מוזיקה ושקט
Rony Iwryn
סגל המורים, מוזיקה ושקט
Eyal Talmudi
סגל המורים, מוזיקה ושקט
Elad Levi
סגל המורים, מוזיקה ושקט
Omri Mor
סגל המורים, מוזיקה ושקט
Yehuda Shveiky
סגל המורים, מוזיקה ושקט
Piris Eliyahu
מי אנחנו
הקורסים - בת הספר למוזיקה ושקט


Palos y compas

Yehuda Sveiky's introductory class to Flamenco


Yehuda Sveiky's Flamenco ensemble

Let's Make a Party!

Eyal Talmudi’s ensemble workshop

Afro-Cuban Ensemble

Roni Iwryn’s ensemble workshop

Western Chronicle - Andalusian Music (Instrumental)

Elad Levi's instrumental ensemble

Western Chronicle - Andalusian

Music (Vocal)

Latin Rhythm Circle

Roni Iwryn's rhythm class

Piris Eliyahu's Ensemble

Elad Levi's vocal ensemble

Omri Mor's  Ensemble

מוסיקה ושקט

K.I.H 5, Jerusalem



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The School for

Music and Silence

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