Western Chronicle - Andalusian Music


The Andalusian music, originated in the Andalusia region in southern Spain, then spread through Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisian Jews, and was a live part for centuries in Jewish communities which have grown praised poets such as Rabbi David Hasin and Rabbi Haim Buzaglo alongside great musicians and singers who are considered celebrities in their homeland.


In the course of the semester we’ll learn the backgrounds, principles, characteristics, and special instruments that define Andalusian music, in Maghreb style - the same one which Jews from those countries and from Israel play.


We will also study how to conduct the famous Andalusian compositions and learn through that the evolution of the genre, the basic theoretical rules for each country’s style and the differences between each nation’s tunes, how Jews practice and preserve Andalusian music til this very day, in various Constellations.



Wednesday - 12:15-14:00