Born in Israel in 1983. Started to learn playing on a Flamenco guitar at the age of 15 both by private tutors and by himself. After a while he started to perform in “Duenda”, a center of Flamenco located in Ramat Ha’Sharon. In 2002 he visited Spain for the first time to learn guitar in the city of Jerez de la Frontera. Since, he’s been to Jerez and Sevilla constantly, including three years of residency in Sevilla in purpose of mastering the playing and singing of Flamenco.


By the age of 23 he had received a scholarship at the “Fundacion Cristina Heeren De Arte Flamenco”, A Flamenco academy in Sevilla. Among his teachers were Antonio Jero, Jose Mendez, Jose Luis Balao, Jose De La Tomasa, Paco Taranto, Calixto Sanches. Since, he’s performing in Israel and all over the world with Flamenco ensembles which combine a variety of musical genres in their live acts.


Shviki returned to Israel to become the nation’s leading Flamenco singer, as well as one of the most popular teachers of Flamenco singing and playing. He was on stages with the leading Flamenco artists in Israel, such as “the Andalouse Orchestra of Ashdod”; “The Mediterranean Orchestra of Ashkelon”; David Broza; “The Israeli Flamenco Ensemble”; “Remangar” and “Flamenco Natural”. Moreover,  he performed with international artists, including Belen Maya Rafael Amargo, Alejandro Granados, Montse Cortes, and Esperanza Fernandez. While mainly in Israel, he still travels to Spain regularly, performs with local artists and keeps expanding his knowledge in the the art of Flamenco.


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Yehuda Shveiky