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אייל תלמודי, מורה, בית הספר למוזיקה ושקט

Eyal Talmudi

Specializes in Saxophone, Clarinet and Bagpipes; music producer, adapter and composer.

Talmudi started his path in music at the “Conservatorium of Givatayim”. In “Talma Yalin” highschool, he mastered the sax with the teacher Eli Benacot. After his army service in The I.D.F Orchestra he continue to an independent career as a soloist and also with several bands.

Talmudi plays with the artists “Blakan Beat Box”, Berry Sakharof, Shai Tzabari, “Kutiman Orchestra”.

He is also one of the leaders of the ensembles “Oy Division” and “Malox”, recording several albums with them, alongside concerts all over the world.

His tune and style Talmudi derives from exploring the different styles of folklore, combining them  with improvisation and experimental music, all wrapped with an Avant-Guarde approach..

As a producer, Talmudi issued “Rishumey Paham Betzeva” - A tribute to Meir Ariel’s album; “Asuy Meotiot” - New compositions to Haim Gouri’s poems; ״Ramzaylech״, in addition to many more concerts and events.


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